2016-06-26 ruki
xmake provides some project templates, you can easily create an empty project. Create a c++ console project: bash xmake create -l c++ -t 1 demo or xmake create --language=c++ --template=1 demo Create a c static library project: bash xmake create -l c -t 5 demo or xmake create --language=c 继续阅读 »
2016-08-29 ruki
Xmake provide a builtin-plugin for generating VisualStudio project file (vs2002 - 2015) now. .e.g We need enter the project directory first and run the following command if we want to generate vs2013 project. bash $ xmake project -k vs2013 It will generate a directory(vs2013) in the current project and the direct 继续阅读 »
2016-07-16 ruki
We create an empty console project first: ```bash $ xmake create -P ./hello create hello ... create ok!👌 ``` And xmake will generate some files: ```bash $ cd ./hello $ tree . . ├── src │   └── main.c └── xmake.lua ``` It is a simple console program only for printing hello xmake! ```bash $ cat ./src/main.c incl 继续阅读 »
2015-06-02 Eric Wang
在eclipse的 "problems" 选项卡中显示如下错误信息 java Description:Type Project facet Java 1.8 is not supported by target runtime Apache Tomcat v7.0 Resource:groupping ... 由StackOverflow上的回答可知,Java facet的版本总是需要和Java编译器的版本一致,所以最好的方式是通过Project Facets Properties面板进行修改。 1. 查看Problems面板信息 2. 打开Project Facets Properties面板 3. 修改configurat 继续阅读 »
2016-07-17 ruki
2015-05-19 Eric Wang
基本上常用的项目有两种,一种是Java Project,另一种是Web Project,下面就以这两种项目为例,来阐释如何在项目中加载dll文件。 Java中调用dll的方式 System.load() java /** *Loads the native library specified by the filename argument. The filename argument must be an absolute path name. */ public static void load(String filename) //等价于 Runtime.getRuntime().load(name) 由JDK的说明文 继续阅读 »
2017-03-23 ruki
Links Homepage Documents New features Add aur package script and support to install xmake from yaourt Add set_basename api for target Changes Support vs2017 Support compile rust for android Improve vs201x project plugin and support multi-modes compilation. Bugs fixed Fix cannot find android sdk header files Fix che 继续阅读 »
2017-01-07 ruki
We recently added a new feature for xmake: you need not write any make-like file (xmake.lua, makefile.am, cmakelist.txt, etc.) and also build it directly. It will scan all source files and generate xmake.lua automatically for building project. And xmake will detect 'main' function in source file in order to distin 继续阅读 »
2016-06-26 ruki
Typically, you only need to execute the following command for compiling project. bash xmake xmake will probe your host environment and target platform automaticly. The default mode is release and xmake will compile all targets. You can compile only one given target which name is 'test' for executing the follo 继续阅读 »
2020-10-05 Lingxian Kong
This blog was sent to openstack-discuss mailing list originaly. As the official Victoria release is approaching and it has been a long time silence for Trove in the upstream, I think it's good time for me as the Trove PTL for the last 3 dev cycles to have a project update. The things that will be described below have 继续阅读 »