2016-07-06 ruki
Website Sources Changelog Changes Change install and uninstall actions Update templates Improve to check function Bugs fixed #7: Fix create project bug with '[targetname]' #9: Support clang with c++11 Fix api scope leaks bug Fix path bug for windows Fix check function bug Fix check toolchains failed Fix compile fa 继续阅读 »
2016-06-09 ruki
Sources Changelog New features Add task api for running custom tasks Add plugin expansion and provide some builtin plugins Add export ide project plugin(.e.g makefile and will support to export other projects for vs, xcode in feature) Add demo plugin for printing 'hello xmake' Add make doxygen documents plugin Add m 继续阅读 »
2016-07-17 ruki
Website Sources Changelog New features Add check includes dependence automatically Add print colors Add debugger support, .e.g xmake run -d program ... Changes Improve the interfaces of run shell Upgrade luajit to v2.0.4 Improve to generate makefile plugin Optimizate the multitasking compiling speed Bugs fixed Fi 继续阅读 »
2016-02-25 ruki
New features Add smallest configure option Add process operation interfaces Changes Improve envirnoment interfaces Modify xmake.lua for supporting xmake v2.x Bugs fixed Fix ltimer bug Fix asio memory leaks bug Fix asio httpd response bug on linux Fix path bug for windows 继续阅读 »
2016-02-05 ruki
New features Add automaticlly check libc interfaces Support custom allocator Add trace for allocator in the debug mode Add static_pool module Add stream interfaces for reading all data to string Add adler32 hash algorithm Add tb_memmem interface Add regex module with pcre, pcre2 or posix regex Changes Optimize stre 继续阅读 »
2020-10-05 Lingxian Kong
This blog was sent to openstack-discuss mailing list originaly. As the official Victoria release is approaching and it has been a long time silence for Trove in the upstream, I think it's good time for me as the Trove PTL for the last 3 dev cycles to have a project update. The things that will be described below have 继续阅读 »
2017-11-08 ruki
This release improve IDE/Editor plugin integration, we provide the following plugins now: Vim Editor Plugin xmake.vim (third-party, thanks @luzhlon) Visual Studio Code Editor Plugin (xmake-vscode) Sublime Text Editor Plugin (xmake-sublime) IntelliJ-based IDE Plugin (xmake-idea) IntelliJ-IDEA CLion Android Studio If 继续阅读 »
2017-10-17 ruki
xmake-vscode plugin is a xmake integration in Visual Studio Code. It is deeply integrated with xmake and vscode to provide a convenient and fast cross-platform c/c++ development and building. Features Colorization Completion Lists StatusBar Commands Configuration Build Run and Debug Record and Playback Problem Color 继续阅读 »
2017-10-13 ruki
This release fix some bugs and improve some details. And provide xmake-vscode plugins to integrate vscode editor and xmake. If you want to known more usage, please see online documents。 Source code: Github, Gitee. New features Add add_imports to bulk import modules for the target, option and package script Add xmak 继续阅读 »
2015-09-23 MoreFreeze
先上结论:线上机器千万别没事yum update以及同类的升级操作 more 上周五由于跑数据发现某个软件需要更新,需要yum update下,于是手贱把需要更新的都更新了, 结果周一过来发现启动不了了,内核升级了,OP看了半天,实际后来发现这台机器确实因为某个原因, 各方面素质差很多,同样的拉数据,别的机器不挂,它一会就挂了,娇贵得很。得出结论是只能重装。这台机器的角色还挺多, 包括所有导入数据脚本,跑每天的统计,保存的数据结果,同时还有作为HDFS的NameNode和 Hive的入口,当时觉得HDFS数据应该会有冗余,而结果数据可以再重跑就行了,于是决定重装。噩梦开始! 继续阅读 »