2014-08-06 Kun Ren
rlist 0.3 is released! This package now provides a wide range of functions for dealing with list objects. It can be especially useful when they are used to store non-tabular data. 继续阅读 »
2014-06-26 Kun Ren
In recent years, non-relational data have attracted more and more attentions. Roughly speaking, all datasets that are hard to put into a rectangular table with rows and columns are non-relational datasets. 继续阅读 »
2014-09-22 Kun Ren
Twelve days after the initial commit, pipeR tutorial is released! If you want to write R code fluently and process data elegantly, I strongly recommend that you read this tutorial which is designed to serve as a complete guide to pipeR package, including how it works with dplyr, rlist, and rvest with vivid examples. 继续阅读 »