2014-08-06 Kun Ren
rlist 0.3 is released! This package now provides a wide range of functions for dealing with list objects. It can be especially useful when they are used to store non-tabular data. 继续阅读 »
2014-08-04 Kun Ren
pipeR 0.4 is released! Check it out at the project page. In this new version, two things happen. First, %>>% handles everything. Second, the introduction of Pipe object. 继续阅读 »
2014-08-16 Kun Ren
In pipeR 0.4 version, one of the new features is Pipe() function. The function basically creates a Pipe object that allows command chaining with $, and thus makes it easier to perform operations in pipeline without any external operator. 继续阅读 »