2014-08-08 Kun Ren
(This post is rewritten to adapt to the latest release of pipeR) Pipeline is receiving increasing attention in R community these days. It is hard to tell when it begins but more people start to use it since the easy-and-fast dplyr package imports the magic operator %>% from magrittr, the pioneer package of pipeline op 继续阅读 »
2014-08-07 Kun Ren
Here is a quiz on magrittr and you may check if you are really good at using it. Since the CRAN version currently does not support nested ., it won't be interesting to make a quiz on that version. All the following examples are using the latest development version on GitHub. You can do the same test with the CRAN versi 继续阅读 »
2014-08-23 Kun Ren
The motivation of pipeline operator is to make code more readable. In many cases, it indeed better organizes code so that the logic is presented in human-readable fluent style. In other cases, however, such operators can make things worse. 继续阅读 »