2015-10-16 Jason Liao
Table of Content First Class Functions Pure Functions What can pure functions do Curry 继续阅读 »
2014-03-15 Kun Ren
In R, function may not be as special as it is in other programming languages; it is regarded as one of the many types and can be passed as an argument to some other function. The way we deal with other objects such list and data.frame definitely applies to function. Here is a simple example in which we define two funct 继续阅读 »
2018-03-30 MoreFreeze
Table of Contents {:toc} 最近遇到了一些函数式编程的概念,心想我用 Python 的 map reduce 不就是在函数式编程嘛, 但看了半天仍然一头雾水,什么是 UnitBox?flatMap 和 map 差在哪里?于是先学了阮老师的[函数式编程入门教程][1], 唉哟喂,和我原来想的还不一样,Python 这些操作虽然算是函数式编程,但要系统地理解为什么能这样, 还得从头说起。 继续阅读 »