xmake v2.1.8 released, improve IDE/Editor plugin integration

2017-11-08 ruki 更多博文 » 博客 » GitHub »

xmake lua update

原文链接 https://waruqi.github.io/2017/11/08/update-v2.1.8/

This release improve IDE/Editor plugin integration, we provide the following plugins now:

If you want to known more usage, please see online documents

Source code: Github, Gitee.

New features

  • Add XMAKE_LOGFILE environment variable to dump the output info to file
  • Support tinyc compiler


  • Improve support for IDE/editor plugins (.e.g vscode, sublime, intellij-idea)
  • Add .gitignore file when creating new projects
  • Improve to create template project
  • Improve to detect toolchains on macosx without xcode
  • Improve set_config_header to support set_config_header("config", {version = "2.1.8", build = "%Y%m%d%H%M"})

Bugs fixed

  • #145: Fix the current directory when running target