xmake v2.0.3 update!

2016-07-17 ruki 更多博文 » 博客 » GitHub »

xmake update xmake.io windows

原文链接 https://waruqi.github.io/2016/07/17/update-v2.0.3/

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New features

  • Add check includes dependence automatically
  • Add print colors
  • Add debugger support, .e.g xmake run -d program ...


  • Improve the interfaces of run shell
  • Upgrade luajit to v2.0.4
  • Improve to generate makefile plugin
  • Optimizate the multitasking compiling speed

Bugs fixed

  • Fix install directory bug
  • Fix the root directory error for import interface
  • Fix check visual stdio error on windows