go commands

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go build

  • compile the package named by the import paths and thier dependencies
  • go build package/*.go

    • if build *.go, a virtual package command-line-arguments is created internally
      • $WORK/command-line-arguments/_obj/: stores the obj files
      • $WORK/command-line-arguments/_obj/exe/: stores the executable after link
  • -v - work: print the name of the temporary work directory and do not delete it when exiting

  • -n: print the commands but do not run them

  • -x: as the -n flag but run them

go install

  • compile and install the package and its dependent package. The result is archive/executable and installed to $GOBIN dir

  • If $GOBIN not set, error promption: go install: no install location for directory

  • -o flag currently is not acceptable for go install

  • go install only accepts *.go of cmd/executable src code, not *.go of lib src code. To install libs, need run go install package

go get

  • download/update specific package or their dependencies
  • -d: only download the source code, no package installation
  • -u: update the named packages and their depenencies
  • -fix: for backword compatible

go list

list package information

  • go list -json package: print the package strcuture in json format
  • text/template syntax
    • go list -f {{.ImportPath}} package
    • go list -f {{.S.F}} package

{% highlight bash %} $ go list -json net/http $ go list -json github.com/kasperdeng/grpcPt/client {% endhighlight %}

go test

test *_test.go

  • go help testflag
  • -i: install the test dependencies, but not compile and run it
  • -c: generate test executables, but not run it
  • -bench regexp 执行相应的benchmarks,例如 -bench=.
  • -cover 开启测试覆盖率
  • -run regexp 只运行regexp匹配的函数,例如 -run=Array 执行包含有Array开头的函数


{% highlight bash %} $ go get golang.org/x/tools/cmd/godoc $ godoc -http=:8080 &

godoc package

$ godoc net/http

godoc func

$ godoc fmt Printf {% endhighlight %}